•50% energy savings • High power factor • 100% maintenance savings • 100% disposal savings • No high pressure, no glass, no fire hazard
Why Convert to LED HighBay?
This is especially needed in food service lighting, agricultural lighting, industrial and other places where the light will not be compromised by the surrounding environment.
IP65 LED Triproof light fixture
The Dual Radiator Series LED Highbay light s are designed to replace traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lamp fixtures in industrial and other large area lighting applications.
Dual Radiator LED Highbay light
Woscan’s IP65 fluorescent light fixture were designed specifically for packing illumination ,A revolutionary new way to light up a parking.
IP65 fluorescent light fixture

Green Lighting

Green lighting means lower costs, longer life and reduced maintenance.

  • Mercury and toxic free
  • UV free lighting
  • Remove recycling constraints
  • No heat emission
  • Green lighting

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Superior Illumination

A brighter, cleaner, more visible “white light” compared to conventional lighting.

  • Increased brilliancy
  • Emulates natural daylight
  • Full control over light footprint
  • Improved visibility for increased security and safety

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Lower Energy Bills

Save up to 60% on your energy usage by implementing woscan industrial led lighting.

  • Long-term energy savings
  • Better lighting with fewer watts
  • Control and management capabilities for increased efficiency

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Reduced Costs

woscan led industrial lighting can have a significant impact on reducing the operational costs of your building.

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Best warranty in the Industry
  • Reduce number of lights needed
  • Fully weatherproofed and sealed

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